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Almaden psychic helps people look within for answers
from the Almaden Times, March 25, 2004

By Jeanne C. Lewis
Staff Writer

With the newfound celebrity of psychic John Edwards and regular talk show appearances of psychics James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne, psychics have been accepted into our culture and no one could be happier than longtime Almaden resident Marge Cuddeback.

Cuddeback is a metaphysical counselor, healer and author. The tall, blue-eyed blonde possesses a warm embracing nature and a friendly laugh; she is an earth mother you immediately feel comfortable with. With her easygoing nature, she claims to have taught thousands of clients to trust their innermost feelings, facilitated through readings, clearings, regressions, meditations and seminars.

"I was brought here to teach," Cuddeback said at her light, airy home adorned with sea birds and dolphins nestled on an Almaden hillside. "People do have their own answers. They just need to look within and find them. I help them do that. They always feel better after a session."

Psychic's personal history

Cuddeback was born in Milwaukee, Wis. and grew up in Tacoma, Wash. She was raised "very Catholic," attending the church's grade school, high school and two years at Seattle University taught by Jesuit priests. She even entertained the idea of becoming a nun. Transferring to San Jose State, she received her degree and married. She taught fourth grade for two years at Oak Grove School near IBM, substitute teaching after her children were born.

Her interest in psychic phenomenon began in the 1960s. In a 13-year period, she lost two brothers, her father, her husband and her only son. She prayed to them constantly, saw their spirits, and started conversing with them. She studied metaphysical practices and began helping others find answers to their questions and taught meditation in the 1970s. But she didn't share her newfound interest with her bridge club or the people she worked with because psychics were considered eccentric to the general public at the time.

Cuddeback entered the business world of the toy party plan, owning her own company for a period of time, then working her way up the corporate ladder to vice president with 900 people working under her. The seasonal company sold Christmas gifts from August to November at home parties: toys, adult and teenage items and home decorations. She wrestled with her inner voice telling her to quit and do metaphysical work full time, but the six-figure income was difficult to abandon. The company didn't know about her other work; her clients knew and they kept coming back and telling others about her clairvoyance.

Cuddeback worked with the sheriff's office for short period, but says she did not care for the negative energy of child molesters and murderers. She expanded her metaphysical knowledge and is a certified hypnotherapist, with a degree in Mari El and a Reiki master [both forms of holistic healing]. She trained with two medical doctors who left their traditional practices to pursue healing with energies. Last year she published her first book "Hidden Veil," a collection of true-life case histories of her clients.

Case studies

Ellie [her name has been changed] was one of Cuddeback's clients. Ellie's ex-husband was terrorizing her even though they had been divorced for 13 years. In a regression, the psychic took her back to a past life. Ellie's parents loved her very much. When she was 8 years old, they had a son and were cruel to him. Ellie was the adored one and she participated by lying and getting her brother into more trouble. At a swimming hole, she saw him cramp and she let him drown. Her ex-husband was her brother in the past life. Cuddeback facilitated a "forgive and release." Ellie has moved forward with her life and no longer has a problem with the ex-husband.

Another client's father had died. While at the cemetery, her right arm and leg became paralyzed. She saw four medical doctors who found nothing wrong with her. Desperate, she saw Cuddeback, who put her in an altered state of consciousness. They discovered that the woman's grandfather who was buried at the cemetery 20 years prior had not crossed over and merged his energies with his granddaughter. In his lifetime, he had been thrown from a horse and his right side had been paralyzed. It has been five years since the regression and the woman is still healed.

Cuddeback believes that a difficult situation in life can manifest in disease. She learned this lesson when she had a life-threatening illness. Once she forgave and released the person, the illness disappeared.

"I grew more spiritually during that process, on forgiveness and how to help other people do the same," Cuddeback said about the experience. "The mind is so powerful and it is so easy to be the victim in a situation. Thought creates our reality; it is the universal law of attraction."

Cuddeback's clients sing her praises for the relief she has given them.

"Through Marge's 'forgive and release' process I was able to release my attachment to an old boyfriend," Jillian Auberger, one of Cuddeback's clients shared. "My migraines of six months ended."

"The depression and anxiety attacks that I had for years have completely dissipated since my clearing with Marge," Mary Jo Siglar said.

"After my son's sudden death, I wouldn't accept that his high energy and love on earth had ended," Joan Brauch, another satisfied client said. "Feeling his presence and receiving messages through Marge, I can deal with his passing knowing that his spirit goes on."

Besides individual readings done by private appointment, Cuddleback leads monthly meditations for large groups where "energies are always stronger with a collection of people of like minds." She also gives one- and two-day seminars on awakening your light body course, beginning your intuitive search, expanding your awareness and a regression seminar. She facilitates three-day seminars several times a year: Sedona Healing Seminar and the Mt. Shasta Ascension Seminar. Both are considered high-energy places.

A spiritual journey to Brazil

Cuddeback is overjoyed with her three yearly trips with groups to Abadiania, Brazil. Abadiania is a quiet, charming village built on a large crystal bed that is thought to amplify energy. People from all over the world visit Joao De Deus, known as "John of God," who provides free treatment at his healing center for those who have run out of medical options. There she and her group have witnessed miracles of healing: people walk again, sight has been returned, diseases have disappeared. She claims her own hiatal hernia and lactose intolerance from which she suffered for decades disappeared.

"Going to Brazil was the most inspiring experience of my life." Cuddeback said. "There is so much love energy with all the prayers and meditation going on. The trip initiated changes greatly affecting our lives."

So what does a psychic do when not working with clients? Cuddeback is an avid reader of metaphysical books and loves to travel. She has an affinity for the ocean and enjoys trips to the coast. She has swum with the dolphins in Cancun and the Florida Keys. Her three daughters live close by and she dotes on her 14-year-old and 4-year-old granddaughters. A vegetarian, she lives with her cat Maria whom she also considers intuitive. Cuddeback is currently working on her second book on developing intuition.

For more information on readings, clearings, regressions, meditation and seminars contact Marge Cuddeback at (408) 997-1869 or e-mail at Her Web site is



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