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[cover]Vanishing Veil is a collection of case histories from the clients of Marge, who is a metaphysical counselor and healer. Follow these individuals as they uncover incredible details from their childhood and past soul connections and understand how those patterns are influencing their present day. By getting to the root cause of what is affecting their life and learning forgive-and-release, they heal the emotional wounds from their past and no longer carry them into the present. Connecting with this power within dramatically affects their lives. Examples are healing an addiction or weight problem, receiving help with relationship issues, and understanding why one has money or abundance difficulties. Other individual stories relate to the bereaved reaching their loved ones who have crossed over and the comforting, often inspiring messages that come through.

This is a book about healing those emotional and spiritual wounds that are holding us back from our true potential and having the ability to transform your life, health and happiness. Allow yourself to see more clearly through the veil that separates us from the other side, and explore a world that is fully revealing itself to those who are searching.

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"Through dozens of fascinating case studies, the author reveals the rich tapestry of lifetimes that souls weave for their growth and evolution. Marge also shows how issues unresolved in one lifetime are carried forward to be healed in other lifetimes, and how we can aid in that process. A 'must read' for any student of reincarnation."
-Tony Stubbs, author of An Ascension Handbook

"Riveting! Couldn't put it down! The book is packed with information. Marge inspires and empowers her readers to claim their intuitive gifts."
-Joan Ohanneson, author of Scarlet Music: Hildegard of Bingen: A Novel

"Due to our recent world events, I was searching for a way to live life to its fullest. This book helped me to clean the 'clutter' out of my life and focus on what is important."
-DeAnn Buelle

"This book is a ray of sunshine during these troubling times in our world. It gives us all something positive to focus on!"
-Renee Phillips

"Vanishing Veil is a 'must read' for anyone with questions about life after death, past lives, karmic connections, spirit guides, and the power of forgiveness and release. This book leads you through a series of fascinating case studies that will empower you to find your own wisdom in the words."
-Cathy Young, owner of Inner Journey

"Inspiring! Uplifting! We need more books like this that help us get in touch with our spirtuality and inner knowledge during these days of turmoil in our world."
-Trisha Maloney

"In the quest of personal truth so much is learned through the sharing of experiences. Thank you Marge for so beautifully sharing your gifts with us. Vanishing Veil is a wonderful, thought provoking read."
-Julie Rogers

"As the craziness in our world increases, and we might question our faith, we need spititual books like this more than ever. Vanishing Veil helps us to see how we can find our greatest answers and inner peace when we look within ourselves. Thank you for this gift to humanity."
-Sharon Rondone

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