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Meditation At The Beach: With the soothing sound of the ocean and seagulls in the background, you're led down the beach to meet up with your spiritual guide, guardian angel and/or a friend or relative who has crossed over to the other side, to either visit or receive your guidance.

Relationships: Marge gets you into an altered state of consciousness and then helps you to put out into the universe what you'd like in your long term relationship. Visualize what you want and make it happen!!

Forgive and Release: This forgive and release process helps you to put your past relationships behind you so they won't hold you back any longer. Until we go to the source, and forgive and release old relationships we keep magnetizing similar types of relationships and circumstances into our life.

Thunderstorm Meditation: To the sound of thunder and rain, you are guided to a chalet on a mountaintop to receive your guidance or simply enjoy the serenity as you sit in front of a fire watching the storm.

Astral Flight: This tape will give you the methods to more easily obtain out of body experiences. You will go to your place of choice.

Getting in Touch With Your Higher Self: You are guided to ground yourself, cleanse your chakras and get in tough with your Higher Self to get your own answers.

Creating Your Own Sanctuary: Marge leads you through a grounding exercise and cleansing your chakras and helps you to create your own special sanctuary where you can go at any time to meditate and/or reflect.

Ascension: Experience yourself rising up into the higher dimensions and becoming one with the universe as you receive your guidance in the higher realms.

Going into Mt. Shasta: Mt. Shasta is a retreat for Ascended Masters. Experience the powerful energies of the mountain as you see and feel the presence of the Masters and feel yourself in the mountain's healing pool.

My meditation CDs are $20 each. This includes shipping and handling.

Please include a money order payable to Marge Cuddeback along with the name of the CD(s) you wish to purchase, your full name, address and telephone number to:

Marge Cuddeback
6981 Elwood Rd.
San Jose, CA 95120


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