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November 2017

I hope you're all holding up well with all the crazy energies hitting our planet earth at this time. The energies have never been so intense in the history of the earth. Because these energies are bringing everything from our past up to the surface to be dealt with, there's lots of negative energy around us. It's more important than ever to keep your Protective Lights around yourselves, your family and your homes than ever before. Things are coming up to be dealt with not only on a personal level, but also in all of our institutions ~ schools, churches, government, prejudices, hatred, automatic rifles, how to treat women, etc. So it's a challenging time to keep yourselves grounded ~ BUT, essential!

By me saying, "Things are coming up to be dealt with," ninety-nine percent of the time these 'things' involve forgiving someone. In these energies, we have to live "in the now/in the moment." To do so, we have to forgive. Remember, we have to forgive, not condone. Forgive their souls, that way you don't have to deal with their personalities. As I always say, "We have to forgive, we don't have to do dinner."

These energies are making us aware of who we don't want to be around anymore. Pay attention to your energy when you're around or even when corresponding with people. If you find yourself feeling drained or that their energy is quite negative, you want to consider whether you still want them in your life.

Many people are not able to move themselves out of their 3rd dimensional selves. Whether it's their outdated beliefs, addictions, whatever is holding them back, don't allow them to hold you back.

Thought creates your reality. We're all human, and will occasionally have a negative thought ~ BUT, when we do, quickly think, "Negate that thought," OR, "neutralize that thought." This way it won't adversely affect another person. Remember, "What comes around, goes around." Don't allow yourself to have negative thoughts about anyone.

My belief is that we're going rapidly into the fifth dimension. Which is why everything is being brought up to be dealt with. We have to get rid of the past so we are ready to go into the fifth dimension with a clean slate, so to speak. There are more divorces, more people in depression, more suicides that there has ever been in the history of the earth. This is all due to these rapidly changing energies.

For years in my Ascension seminar at Mt. Shasta, I discussed that we all need to be in our "love" space to go into the fifth dimension. And that we would be going through many natural disasters to help us to get there. With these devastating natural disasters that are happening one after another now, you do see neighbors who didn't even talk to each other before, helping each other out. These natural disasters started in earnest with 9/11. These wonderful people involved in that disaster agreed on some level that if the Universe wasn't on a certain level on our Ascension process by that date, they would be a part of that disaster, in order to help everyone get into their love space. You could see the "love" after that even on the freeways ~ cars that would normally speed up so as not to let you in, would graciously let you in instead of cutting you off.

I told my monthly meditation group at that time, that when the horror of what happened on 9/11 wore off, many (most) people would go back to their old third dimensional selves. And, unfortunately, they did. I can't stress enough, until we all get out or our third dimensional selves, the disasters will continue! Let's all get into our love space so that these disasters will stop!

This is how I handle what's happening in our Universe: I thank God, the Universe, our Higher self, whatever you call the Higher Power, to have me and mine in the right place at the right time. I do this many times a day. I send my loving, healing energies from my heart out to the universe, saying, "Thank you for raising the vibrational frequency of the earth and everyone on it, including myself." Then, I send my loving, healing energies to Washington DC ~ again, despite whether you are Republican or Democrat, and say, "Thank you for having all concerned make the right decisions for the Highest Good of ALL of us." It's not for our highest good, for instance to have the pockets of many in government lined with money from Monsanto, so that they can continue to poison our food. Sign whatever you can to help to make these atrocities go away. Don't just not do anything, we can help all of these on a spiritual level. Simply running down our government (remember, thought creates our reality) makes the negative things that are happening, continue to happen!

Because I live in California, I send my loving, healing energies into the fault lines in California. I personally don't need a disaster to put me in my love space. And, again, I say, "Thank you for having me and mine in the right place at the right time."

Last year my computer was hacked, and I lost all of my client email distribution lists. I am sending this newsletter to the emails I could retrieve, but lost many of them. I realize we all think differently, and I don't expect you to believe as I do. If you would rather not receive any of my newsletters again, please email me and I'll remove your name. No hard feelings! Because I did lose many email contacts, if you wish to forward this to any family or friends that would be interested, or wish to let me know to add them to the distribution, I would be happy to do so.

JOHN OF GOD ~ I will be taking my 38th group to the Healer, John of God, in Brazil, leaving San Francisco and then Miami on April 30th, and arriving home on May 12th, just in time to celebrate Mother's Day. I was only able to reserve 15 rooms, so they will go fast. The first to send their deposit for the trip to me will have a room. April is coming up faster that we'd like to think, and it takes longer now to get a Brazilian visa (which you need in your current passport). So don't procrastinate. I'd love to have you join me on this life changing trip. To see more on this healing trip, go to this page.

Gift Certificates ~ I will be traveling most of December. For anyone wishing to give one of my gift certificates for a session with me as a Christmas gift, remember to purchase it before December 10th. As you know, a private session with me is $150. If you purchase a gift certificate for either a gift or for yourself before December 10th, you can purchase it for the discounted price of $120. This can be used any time within 2018.

I ran across the following poem written by Jean Warner. It feels like it was written to be sent out with this newsletter! Enjoy!


Send out love to every land,
To every nation, every man.
Send out love, it is the plan
To spread God's love throughout the land.

Send out love, it is the goal
To touch the heart of every soul.
For it is the longing of each man
To hold God's love within his hand.

Send your love to Mother Earth,
For now she feels the pangs of birth.
As she ascends to higher realm,
She needs your love to turn the helm.

Send out love from your own heart.
Send out love, it is the start of
God's new age of love and light.
It brings the dawn from out the night.

Sending love is each man's role.
By sending love we reach the goal.
Then joy and harmony will reign,
And Earth will be at peace again.


Love and light,


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