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[photo]Through her readings, regressions, clearings, seminars and meditation tapes, Marge helps you discover your purpose on earth and how you can best achieve that purpose.

Her intuition and her ability to communicate with spirits allows her to reveal where your life is headed and why. She uses knowledge of past lives to reveal the karmas that need to be worked on in this life.Her hope is that once you know what is buried within your consciousness, you can release it and get on with your life.

Marge's interest in psychic phenomenon began in 1959 after the death of her 26-year-old brother. This is when she became aware of the presence of spirits. In the 60s she began to consciously develop her psychic/medium abilities and began seeing spirits. Her father's death in 1970 spiraled her forward into the metaphysical world. In 1972, her 36-year-old husband died of a heart attack in her arms; after his death, Marge opened completely up to the many other dimensions, and to her own powers within.

She began giving readings in the mid-seventies, and has continued to expand her knowledge and practice through the years. Since completing courses in MariEl and becoming a Reiki Master, she has incorporated these ideas into her work with past-life regressions and holistic healings.

It is her desire to share her positive insights so that others will not remain bound by the past or by the unknowing limitations of their own minds.

Marge has developed six seminars, written 8 meditation tapes, and written and published the book Vanishing Veil. She has become a certified Hypnotherapist and works with many clients through regressions into early childhood and past live. She does clearings, ridding people of attachments, entities who have merged their energy with you.

Since August 2003, she has taken many groups to the Healer, John of God, in Abadiania, Brazil for 2-week periods.

"Through Marge's forgive-and-release process I was able to release my attachment to an old boyfriend and my migraines of six months ended! Thank You."
-Jillian Auberger

"Through her seminars and private sessions, Marge had helped me grow spiritually and realize the true meaning of 'Peace, Joy, and Unconditional Love.' She has literally changed my life."
-Dottie Boer

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Marge Cuddeback ~ BA in Education ~ Psychic ~ Hypnotherapist ~ Clearings ~ Regressions ~ Reiki Master ~ MariEl ~ Nationwide seminar leader ~ Channels your deceased loved ones and/or your Spirit Guides or angels ~ Meditation tapes ~ Guest speaker on radio ~ Television appearances ~ Author of Vanishing Veil



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