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For over 30 years Marge has conducted readings in person and by telephone. You may experience a personal session with Marge in which she'll give you insight into your spiritual/emotional growth, answering questions about your career, relationships, health, or any other personal concerns. (This information comes in with the help of your own spiritual guides and/or angels).

One of her psychic gifts is that she sees spirits of friends and relatives (both living and on the other side), and she is able to describe them to you. Often times a deceased love one will bring through comforting, inspiring messages for you. This connection has assisted many people to move forward who are still in grief over the loss of a loved one.

"I just want to tell you of my graditude. My life has changed so much since my session with you for a half hour Clearing and a half hour Reading. You are truly blessed with a talent and I appreciate you sharing that with me. Everyone I know has commented on how different and especially happy I look. It is as though my true self is now free. I am on a new path that is leading me to much love, success, peace, joy, wisdom and good fortune. Actually, I am already there because I feel it. Sending you much love and gratitude."
-Karin Rose

"Through readings, seminars and meditational exercises Marge has changed my life. After my son's sudden death, I wouldn't accept that his high energy & love on earth had ended. Marge's greatest gift to me has been to teach me to communicate, visualize and feel my son's presence."
-Joan Brauch

"Marge helped me with the deep emotional pain I was feeling when Bobby, my son, died of cancer. Feeling his presence and receiving messages through Marge, I can now deal with Bobby's passing with more acceptance knowing that his spirit goes on. In her Beginning Your Intuitive Search seminar, I realized that I too was able to see beyond the earth realm."
-Darlene Day

"Thank you again for seeing me and for bringing me messages from the other side. It was a deeply moving experience."
-Virginia Dunlap, San Jose, CA

A session is $150 for one hour. Please call or write to schedule an appointment.


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