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We carry illnesses or emotional trauma over from past lives. By accessing our cellular memories through a regression, we can rid ourselves of long buried resentments, illnesses, phobias, pain and trauma. A lot of physical and psychological problems are rooted in unresolved past life experiences. In a regression, we can go back to painful, unresolved events of other life times or early childhood.

Once your Higher Self, or your subconscious mind, and your cellular memory recognize they are still reacting to a life that is no longer relevant, they often make the adjustments themselves. Often just going back to the source is enough to release the problem, but sometimes a forgive and release process is necessary. Forgiveness is selective remembering, a conscious decision to focus on love and let the rest go.

If you are having career or relationship problems, that's a very good clue as to what your karmic lessons in this life are all about. Hopefully through wisdom and self forgiveness while in a regression, you can start to move past your problems.

Our cellular memory shows up in transplants of human organisms. I heard of a successful kidney transplant, where the recipient had an intense craving for a cigarette and a martini, two passions of the kidney donor.

There is a correlation between birthmarks and serious or fatal injury in a past life. Again, cellular memory.

Following are some examples:

If you have headaches in this life, you may find out you were shot in the head or clubbed to death in a previous lifetime.

If you have insomnia problems, you may find out that you were molested or murdered in your sleep, and you carried that fear over from a past life. When you find out the cause, it's very often the end of your problem. Again, "cause and effect."

One client has two daughters, she was never concerned about her first child. But she was paranoid about something happening to her second child. So much so, that it drove this daughter (in high school) crazy. We did a regression on the mom. She and her second daughter were sisters in a past life, living in the country. The mom was about five years old her youngest daughter in this life, was three years old. They were out playing when a medicine man stopped and grabbed her younger sister and slit her throat. It appears that he wanted her blood for some of his medicines. The older sister (mom) got away. Then she saw that a man who does her yard work in this life was the medicine man in that past life. We always have to come back with people we have karma with. The interesting thing is, her youngest daughter, who she's so paranoid about in this life, always told her mom that she didn't know why, but she just felt that mom should get rid of their gardener, that she had a real fear of him! Again, cellular memory! After seeing that this was from a past life, and not a premonition, the client was able to release her fear of something happening to her daughter in this lifetime.

"Through regressions I've gained great insight into relationship issues and the source of persistent anxiety in my life. The process of gently going back to the past, then forgiving and releasing residual pain and negative emotions, gave me an immediate sense of peace and relief and enabled me to make many positive changes in my life. Marge works from a position of high integrity and strength. She has an open and supportive presence, and I am grateful for her wisdom and warmth."

"Thank you for being an island while I'm out in this stormy ocean!"
-Judy Galvez, San Jose, CA

"I feel that a whole new world has opened up, thanks to you."
-Lynn Gritzman, Estes Park, CO

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because I know deep inside that it has been through your healing that I am much better! You're the best doctor in the world."
-Linda Brandt, San Jose, CA

A session is $150 for one hour. Please call or write to schedule an appointment.


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