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I'll be taking you on a minimum of four different types of regressions. You'll have the chance in this seminar to go back to the cause of something happening in your life now that you want to explore. If you are having career or relationship problems, that's a very good clue as to what your karmic lessons in this life are all about. Hopefully through wisdom and self forgiveness while in a regression, you can start to move past your problems. Through this seminar you can discover your karmic ties with loved ones, and find out how you were related to them in a past life.

If you have headaches in this life, you may find out you were shot in the head or clubbed to death in a previous lifetime.

If you have insomnia problems, you may find out that you were molested or murdered in your sleep, and you carried that fear over from a past life. When you find out the cause, it's very often the end of your problem. Again, "cause and effect".

I will be giving you a script, and you'll have the opportunity to practice doing a regression on a classmate while under my supervision.

This seminar is approximately ten hours long.








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